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With this VIP subscription, pay a price of $10 and receive unique perks across the entire network.

General Perks

  • Exclusive access to the Star Symbol prefix e943c945789696a25c1632620c68897c1e3847b5.png
  • Special star beside your name in the Hub and Bunkers Lobby
  • Higher Queue Priority than your current rank
    • A half step up in queue priority from your current rank. Meaning that your priority will be higher than those with the same rank but lower than those with a higher rank.
  • NEW Access to Yellow Chat Color.
  • NEW Access to Green Chat Color.
  • NEW Access to Red Chat Color.
  • NEW Access to Light Purple Chat Color.
  • NEW Access to Yellow Chat Color.

Fasts Perks

  • 2x Airdrops added onto your current reclaim every map [/reclaim]
  • 5x Items Crate Keys added onto your current reclaim every map [/reclaim]
  • Access to the seasonal kit [2.0 Kit]

Kits Perks

  • Coming Soon

All these features will be removed from your account if you were to charge back or cancel the subscription.

VIP Subscription [30-days] 10.00 USD Buy
One-time VIP Subscription [30-days] 15.00 USD Buy